Prophetic History Of Ozark Mountains being a
safe place

The Ozarks (also referred to as Ozarks Mountain Country, and the Ozark Plateau) are a physiographic and geologic highland region of the central United States. It covers much of the southern half of Missouri and an extensive portion of northwestern and north central Arkansas. The region also extends westward into northeastern Oklahoma and extreme southeastern Kansas.



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Ozark Mountains

-- A Divinely Protected Area ?--

-- A Safe Area --

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Ozarks a Safe Haven

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The Mother of
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Are hard times coming?

Are hard times already here?

How would God have Christians prepare for such a time as this?

How can we doubt that “...In the last days difficult times will come.” — 2 Timothy 3:1  




DISCLAIMER: At the present time we do not have a community. We are waiting upon the Lord's timing and call to meet that critical goal.  We do not want to mislead anyone into thinking we have an operational community they can move to right away.  We don't ... yet, but we now have a team that is making plans.  And we are asking the Lord to provide the means by which to acquire an ideal property we have had our eyes on for a year now. It is more than just idealistic, it is a veritable garden of Eden! 

Do you want to check into what has been done so far?


Prophetic History

Of Ozark Mountains being a safe place

I felt inspired to write this prophetic overview of all the Lord has shown me since 1974 as a lead-in to this article on the Ozarks as a safe haven in these prophetic end-times. I think you will find it an important read.






  • In 1983 the Lord told me (in a soy bean field in Illinois where I went to pray) to move here, and in 1984 when I drove into this area for the first time He told me I was entering into "A Green Island of Survival." I met the ghost writer for one of Corrie ten Booms books in Green Forest (Cliff Dudley, founder of New Leaf Publishing, now deceased), and he told me about her vision experience she had while touring the Passion Play grounds. When she saw angles on the full circumference of the horizon, all the way around. in ranks five deep (i.e., rows front to back. This would match how Israel went into battle), swords drawn, she exclaimed, "My, my.... this is a divinely protected place." 

  • There used to be a little newspaper put out, called "The Corner Gathering" that was made up of the testimonies of others who knew God sent them here.  One of those testimonies is Bill Gothard's telling about Corrie's vision she had when a passenger in his airplane.  At least three people have written to me to say they have heard him tell of this incident at one of his conventions.

  • I know the author of The Corner Gathering and have met a number of the people who she quoted, and I have had many other confirmations.....

  •   That is why I am here, and that is why so many people come to let me show them this divinely protected island of survival.  As a caution or disclaimer it needs to be pointed out that there are many Bible passages that speak of divine covering.  But we have to understand them in context.  That does not mean no harm will come to any area within the Ozarks.  Relatively speaking there will be less harm in a major part of the Ozarks.  If you feel led to move to the Ozarks, be sure you know the specific area you are being called to, and the specific people you are to go into community with.  There are several kinds of communities, but whichever one you feel led to, be sure you are also led to the people.

  • Then Elisha prayed and said, "O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see " And the LORD opened the servant's eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.  ~2 Kings 6:17

  • One more point that rounds out this testimony. In 1974 the Lord told me that my life's commission was to prepare His people for a coming total crash of the economy and society.  No one believed me in 74, 84, or 94.  Just a few did in 2004, but now they do ... in large numbers.

  • All of these testimonials were greatly abbreviated so as to make the poignant point. If you want the full version, I can provide it.  We are very blessed to be in a divinely protected place that was prepared for such a time as this.  Of course there are other safe places around the world. I am just saying that this is the one I was sent to and was give all this confirmation for.

  • In 1986 while living on a blueberry farm, the Lord gave me the name and logo for my ministry. ArkHaven (in reference to Noah's Ark and the Ark of the covenant) is God's place of provision, protection, and promise.

  • In 1999 the Holy Spirit told me that Y2K was going to be a non-event,
    but it would blind people to the REAL event to prepare for. 

  • In eschatological terms, the times leading into the Tribulation period (from 1948 when Israel became a nation until the first day of the Tribulation period).  The time is short to adequately prepare for that day, physically, mentally, and especially spiritually. By preparation I refer to a self sufficient community of like minded Christians adopting an agrarian lifestyle that has proven itself to work the best of all lifestyles over the past 6,000 years. And since I am an Acts model (the whole book) Christian, I wish to go into community with other Acts model Christians.

  • I would rather be one year too early than 10 minutes too late in moving where God told me to go.


    Divinely protected safe areas in Ozark Mountains


    Divinely Protected "Safe" Areas Shown in:

    Portions of Maine, Vermont, and Quebec

    Portions of West Virginia, Kentucky, & Tennessee

    Portions of Missouri & Arkansas

    See Map showing Safe Areas in west side of USA


    Statistically, nearly three quarters of Americans move every five years ... so chances are pretty good that you could be relocating again. Obviously, moves are often driven by major life transitions, like a new job, a marriage, or retirement. And sometimes you don't really have much of a choice in your destination.

    But quite often, you do have a choice. And that's important, because ...

    One of the very best things you can do to live and survive hard times is to move where the likelihood of major events affecting you is minimized.

    There are plenty of places like that in the United States ... as long as you think critically and evaluate your options using the right criteria.

    The above map shows the purported location of three of the five divinely protected areas in the USA, North West Arkansas being one of them.  The next map shows the other two areas.

    Here is the story behind this map:  A friend of mine gave me a copy of this map around 1990.  A friend of his says five prophetic men (who did not know each other and had never met) where directed by the Holy Spirit to meet with each other at a hotel in Chicago.  After they arrived and discerned who the others were, they rented a room and began to discuss the things the Holy Spirit had directed them to share with each other. 

    One of the things they purportedly discussed was divinely protected areas where Christians would go to not just survive when national disaster struck, but to save a lot of lives and to minister Christ to the refugees that would gather there at that time. 

    They turned to the page on an Atlas map that shows the continental United States and each in turn drew a circle around an area the Holy Spirit had shown them to be a protected area. 

    The map is like prophecy and needs to be judged as such.  In fact, it was generated by purportedly prophetic brothers at the meeting in Chicago.  Even if I had the source, it would make no difference.  It’s either supported by the Holy Spirit, or it isn’t. 

    Keep in mind that this does not mean there are not more divinely protected areas in the USA, or that these circled areas are entirely accurate.  I can only attest to the one area I personally was shown, and that is the North West corner of Arkansas, an area much smaller that the area shown on the above map.  The Holy Spirit called this divinely protected area "A Green Island of Survival."

    It can be a matter of semantics as to what terms we use to define these relatively safe areas.  Here are some terms I have heard: safe spots spotted across the globe.  Safe areas, locations, divinely protected areas, places of refuge, Goshen, Arks, angel covering or covered, hidden from danger, etc.  But the most descriptive term of all is ... Green Island of Survival!


    The Law Of Uniformity

    What I call the law of uniformity applies to where safe places will be. Whether we are talking a forest fire or a flood, the larger the area effected the less uniform the damage will be, and the smaller the area the more uniform the damage will be. The law of uniformity says some areas will be far less affected than others. So there will be safer places within safe places.

    Think of the size of the world, then the size of the USA, then the size of the Ozark Plateau.  The Ozarks being the smallest, is till several thousand square miles of land.  Perspective!  Trust!  Peace IN Christ Jesus!  Being led of the Holy Spirit.  We must ask the Lord where He wants us to be, and then be obedient to go/be there. These are the factors that make all the difference in the world.



    owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas

    Corrie ten Boom Prophecies over North West Arkansas

    Here are some prophecies over north west Arkansas that you will find interesting.  I (Ken) have known Julie Turner for around 25 years, and my testimony is also in her Corner Gathering newspaper.  I also knew Joseph Heath.  He interviewed me and wrote an article on my testimony, and he published a number of my articles around 20 years ago.  The Lord told me to move to north west Arkansas in 1983 (from Illinois), and I finally made the move in 85.  But I had made several trips here before that time and met a man who told me about Corrie ten Boom, etc.  There are several versions of the Corrie ten Boom vision (that have become ledgend) out there, so as a disclaimer let me say that the account I was told was told to me face-to-face  by the man who was a ghost writer for Corrie.  He told me he was present with Corrie when she had this vision.  Yet, just to be cautious and fair, the lady who was Corrie's care take for the last 7 years of her life said Corrie never was in Arkansas.


    owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas







    To see the full 18 page report please ask for it


    Divinely protected safe areas in Ozark Mountains



    The Ozark Plateau




    The Ozarks and its primary physiographic regions.



    Elevation Map

    Elevation map of the Ozarks.



    The Ozarks (also referred to as Ozarks Mountain Country, the Ozark Mountains, and the Ozark Plateau) are a physiographic and geologic highland region of the central United States. It covers much of the southern half of Missouri and an extensive portion of northwestern and north central Arkansas. The region also extends westward into northeastern Oklahoma and extreme southeastern Kansas. The wooded Shawnee Hills of southwest Illinois, though commonly called the "Illinois Ozarks," are generally not considered part of the true Ozarks.

    Although referred to as the Ozark Mountains, the region is actually a high and deeply dissected plateau. Geologically, the area is a broad dome around the Saint Francois Mountains.

    The Ozark Highlands area, covering nearly 47,000 square miles (122,000 km2), is by far the most extensive mountainous region between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains.

    Together, the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains form an area known as the U.S. Interior Highlands, and are sometimes referred to collectively. For example, the ecoregion called Ozark Mountain Forests includes the Ouachita Mountains, although the Arkansas River valley and the Ouachitas, both south of the Boston Mountains, are not usually considered part of the Ozarks.


    Ozark also refers to a region of people with a distinct culture, architecture,[44][46] and dialect shared by the people who live on the plateau. Early settlers in Missouri were American pioneers who came West from the Southern Appalachians at the beginning of the 19th century,[28][47] followed in the 1840s and 1850s by Irish and German immigrants. Much of the Ozark original population is of English, Scots-Irish, and German descent, often including some Native American ancestry, and the Ozark families from which the regional culture derived[47] tend to have lived in the area since the 19th century.[48]


    [Much of this research was provided by Jerry Diamond and edited some for brevity]



    Ozark Plateaus Aquifer System

    The Effects of Land use on the Ozark Plateaus Aquifer System


    Figure 1: Area Extent of Ozark Plateau Aquifer System. Photograph taken from USGS with permission



    Where to Research

    A lot can be determined by some good old-fashioned research. There’s actually a fair amount of information about groundwater available online. The first source to try is the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

    Their Arkansas groundwater map can be seen at: http://pubs.usgs.gov/ha/730f/report.pdf 

    They publish quite a bit of data about groundwater, including a groundwater atlas of the country which shows all the aquifers. There also are a number of maps that can be useful.

    The USGS also has a network of several thousand test wells that they monitor on a constant basis. These wells provide data on water table levels and aquifer levels. They can provide you with information about what the exact water level is at the time of drilling and whether it is dropping.

    In addition to federal information, many states also have information about groundwater availability. What exact information is available will depend on the state you live in. But many states require a permit for well drilling, which means they have a database of all wells, their depths, the water quality and the amount of water flow they produce. This information can be useful in determining what the average depth is in your area. Simply look for several wells that are nearby.

    One way this data may be presented is a “water availability map” which shows how much groundwater availability there is for any one area, as well as the depth of that water. This is the type of information that a hydrologist would use in creating a study of your land.

    Of course, well drilling contractors have a pretty good idea about the water conditions in your area, where water can be found, the underground geology, and how deep of a well you’ll need to reach good water. While they would rather drill the well for you, most will act as consultants for a fee.

    Water Dowsing?

    There is an incredible amount of controversy over the subject of water dowsing, often referred to in the negative sense as water witching. This ancient practice is seen by many to be just to the left of witchcraft. But the practice has been in use for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

    Water dousers use a forked stick, a pair of bent wires, or a plumb bob to find where to drill a well. When using the forked stick, the stick bends towards the ground when they pass over water. With the wires, the wires cross. So there is a clear indication of where water can be found.

    The idea has been studied scientifically, with surprising results. A lot depends on how the actual test was conducted. In tests where they are expected to find water in underground pipes, water dousers are unsuccessful. But when they are asked to find naturally-occurring water in the ground, their success rate is much too high to be mere coincidence.

    There is a nationwide organization of water dowsers, called the American Society of Dowsers (ASD). The society has more than 4,200 members and may be the best source for finding a dowser in your area.

       COPIED FROM:  http://www.offthegridnews.com/how-to-2/how-to-find-the-best-place-to-dig-your-own-well/




    The Ozark Plateaus

    OZARK PLATEAUS: 30,000 TO 50,000 SQ. MI.




    "The Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma Ozark Mountains is the highest rated relocation area between the Appalachians and the Rockies. If you are informed enough to see the wisdom of relocating, I would encourage you to consider the Ozarks for the following reasons: hills and mountains, many rivers, abundant forests and wildlife, proper elevations, moderate 4 season climate, variety of crop/livestock options, low cost real estate, and a remote location with friendly people.


    Read Joel Skousen's Book

    "Strategic Relocation: North American Guide To Safe Places"


    Hear Joel Skousen tell Alex Jones about the safest places in America, some of the very places shown on my map showing five "safe places".

    Go into the program exactly 19:10 minutes to hear him show you in his book where these safe areas are, and expound on why the Ozarks are the safest, most ideal of them all.

    His book can be purchased HERE.

    Joel Skousen is a political scientist, by training, specializing in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory, and is also a designer of high security residences and retreats. He has designed Self-sufficient and High Security homes throughout North America, and has consulted in Central America as well. His latest book in this field is Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places, and is active in consulting with persons who need to relocate for security and increased self-sufficiency. He also assists people who need to live near a large city to develop contingency retreat plans involving rural farm or recreation property.


    In today's mainstream bookstores, it's easy to find information about the best places to live. Such literature undoubtedly concentrates on the positive aspects, such as the number of golf courses, the quality of health care, availability of cultural activities, school rankings, and the growth potential of the local economy. While these highly-rated metropolitan areas may offer ample opportunities to enhance your lifestyle, what happens when a major crisis strikes?

    • What if a labor crisis halts the inflow of food and consumer goods? Will these communities provide the basic necessities of life?

    • What if an economic crisis threatens your pensions, investments and other so-called guaranteed income?

    • Could you get out of harm's way if massive social unrest erupts in the wake of a natural disaster?

    • Do you have contingency plans to exit the area when roads/highways are blocked?

    • Have you thought about the impact of a major terrorist attack on a U.S. city with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons?

    It's easy to dismiss these threats during times of peace and prosperity but they are real, and the probability of such events coming to pass increases every year. Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places is an in-depth analysis you need to plan ahead and select the safest areas for you and your loved ones to live. The 3rd Edition features a complete, newly added section on foreign relocation possibilities plus individual analysis on every state and province in North America. The new color maps show military base locations, city population densities, terrain satellite images, private/public land availability, and much more. This book will help you look ahead for potential threats that most other people fail to see or choose to ignore. It contains a complete discussion of the strategies and relocation contingencies that will help you avoid or mitigate each of the major modern threats, from natural disasters to economic collapse to nuclear war.

     Look at this question in light of the following ten criteria:

    1. Consider all of the applicable prophecies in the bible, like Ezekiel 38-39. If you will ignore all of the misinterpretations foisted on your mind by blind leading the blind teachers, and honestly consider every single descriptive characteristic of this passage, you will see for your self that this passage is descriptive, in most of those cases, of America, and almost all of them, only of America, of all nations in all of history.

    "Unfortunately, most of us are going to see our lives change in extreme ways whether we are ready for it or not. My goal is that people will see that fact, and make changes on their OWN, before events force the issue. I really hope that readers here are not expecting to be able to make necessary preparations AFTER the collapse occurs, instead of before. If so, then I'm afraid they will find themselves not only seriously disappointed, but also in serious danger..."

    Nobody has the time, or the resources to make a really bad mistake on this issue. Please study it carefully, before proceeding.

    The extremely late-in-the-game idea of Montana, Wyoming, etc suddenly being advertised as "The Redoubt States," is not a good one. Think about it like this: With the Super Bowl coming up...you pick the year & the winning team, i.e. the 1985 Bears, the Steelers in 75, 78, or 79, 76 Raiders, 72 Dolphins, 66 Packers, you get the idea...the week before the Super Bowl of that year, the head coach of the challenging team decides to change all their plays, change quarterbacks for a rookie, and not bother to require practice all week before the game. What would be their chances of success? The same exact scenario is playing out right now, except that instead of a fat ring on their left hand (or not) and a few grand, people are risking their life fortune as well as the lives of their families.

    Even a superficial study of geography, military strategy, and history would readily prove that. People are planning to move to the border of this country; a border which will prove to be far more dangerous than the Southern border. Study the Canadian Highways; what is there to prevent Russia from traversing Canada in force? NOTHING. What is the next force they will encounter? Flathead Valley, with a few ill-prepared preppers to man the Redoubt which they have been suckered into? How long would they last?


    2. Consider all of these diverse factors that also line up with water supplies: rainfall, streams, ponds, wells, an aquifer system that guarantees that anywhere you drill, you will get water, and over 20 springs over a million gallons an hour:



    Counting ONLY the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd magnitude springs, there is 2.5 BILLION GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY COMING OUT OF THE GROUND -CREATING RIVERS, STREAMS, ETC.

    Like fishing? Just live near one of the many trout hatcheries....


    3. Consider all of these diverse factors that also line up with reality of the situation: i.e., the only thing in reality which can happen for millions of families, to flee by car, and on foot (I put it like this: You Can Drive Now Or Walk Later) to a common region which is capable of supporting huge numbers of people...


    4. Consider all of these diverse factors that also line up with what Jesus said to do: >...when you see these things, flee to the mountains...<


    You will find that there is no comparison whatever.

    There is no region, nor has there ever existed on this planet a region like this one at this most crucial juncture point in time and space...

    In FACT; there is no other place on this planet where there is a valley which is so huge that it can be seen from space, which runs east and west, and which was caused by a huge mountain mass being split, one side to the north, and one to the south. Interesting, utterly unique, and most singular peculiarity, that... indeed, it can be called an anomaly, even a singularity!!!

    In summary, this is from the Ozarks’ first online magazine!

    "These old hills are home to a people...."
    Succinct, actually, short, sweet, hard to beat.  
    I like the conclusion, especially the last passage; 
    Life in these hills was hard.
    Out of that hardness was bred a people —
    a people defined as stalwart, laconic, distrustful.
    A people self-reliant.
    To define the Ozark region by its culture?
    Some would say these peoples are a microcosm of all that makes the United States what it is.
    This State of the Ozarks.<

    I have heard it said, in regard to Missouri, but specifically the Plateau, "we could close the borders and be just fine." Geographically, demographically, etc, SW MO, along with a chunk of NW AR, some of NE OK, and SE KS, and you have an extremely cohesive region, with borders defined by the terrain, water, ranches, farms, forests, and people  who OCCUPY that region.

    We need to localize food, industry, energy and currency. If we do that, we may someday see a people, and a region, with a vast difference in its "survival quotient" from the rest of the nation. This area has traditionally been considered one of the poorest and roughest areas of the country to make a living.

    I hold that is perhaps the wealthiest, and certainly safest place to ride out the storms headed our way.


    "LIFEBOAT or ARK OZARKS?...The Ozarks remain one of the prime refugias of the planet. "

    • Refugium (Latin), the meaning of the word "refugium" is refuge or hideaway; in some cases known as wellness area for relaxation and recovering. (Refugias: An area that has escaped ecological changes occurring elsewhere and so provides a suitable habitat for relict species. A special place on Earth that is a sanctuary for beleaguered and refugee species.)


    Hope this helps...maybe it will help even one or two Christians who might be seeking answers.

    [Some of this research was provided by Jerry Diamond and edited some for brevity]



    The Ozark mountains are in fact hills and wouldn't make a noticeable bump on the mountains of Afghanistan, or the Rock Mountains.  The elevation of the Ozark mountains is around 1,000 to 2,000 feet, well above flooding levels, but a four wheeler can drive to the top of most of them.  And being in a southern state we have very little snow, and what we do get will melt the next day.  So from the perspective of being defensible physically, as those great mountain ranges are, that is a little far fetched.  Physically no!  Divinely yes!

    EDITORS NOTE: There are many maps that show many variations on the theme of Futurist flooded areas on the North American continent. Quite frankly I am very skeptical of all of them.  But since this is believed or anticipated as a possibility by so many, it seemed helpful to offer these maps.  


    This map shows the Ozarks as an island surrounded by water.
    The 1998-2012 date now past, and the shape of the "island" does not match the shape of Ozark Plateau.


    This map shows a different flooding pattern, but these Futurist flooded areas  maps do vary a lot


    B.  Geologists Tell Us That The Ozark Plateau Was Indeed Once An Island


    An Interesting bit of Ozark Plateaus History:

    The Saint Francois Mountain Range rises above the Ozark Plateau and is the geological core of the highland dome.

    The core of the range existed as an island in the Paleozoic seas.

    Reef complexes occur in the sedimentary layers surrounding this ancient island.

    A major unconformity in the region attests that the Ozark Plateau was above sea level for several hundred million years....
     The seas encroached during the late Cambrian producing the LaMotte sandstone, 200 to 300 feet (61 to 91 m) thick, followed by carbonate sedimentation.

    Coral reefs formed around the granite and rhyolite islands in this Cambrian sea.

    Northern Arkansas is notable for the karstic features. Many of these features include sinkholes, conduit springs, and large caves. A sinkhole can be defined as an oval shaped depression that is formed from the dissolution of carbonate bedrock. The Ozark aquifer has generally less sinkholes than the Springfield aquifer. These sinkholes are important because this is where recharge enters the aquifer directly. Springs are also a major aspect of the aquifer system. Springs are where discharge from the aquifer flow to the surface and emerge out onto the surface of the land. Many of these springs are located on the sides of steep valleys. Mammoth Spring is the largest spring in Arkansas. It's discharge is around 100 cubic feet per second or more. Another feature of this area are the caves. There are more than 1,000 caves in northern Arkansas. Some of these caves have been said to reach about 1,000 feet below the land surface. Recharge through these sinkholes can reach extreme volumes (Renken, 1998). In Missouri, karst can be noticed in the southern section of the state. Missouri is more susceptible to contamination through karst features because there are more mature karst features in the state compared with Arkansas (Davis and Witt, 2005)

    In high population areas in the Ozark Plateau the water level is going down due to overuse, so it is advisable to buy land in low and/or stable population areas where a lot of population growth is not expected.  It might be wise to call a well drilling company in the area you are interested in to see where they have found the best wells.

    [Much of this research and opinions wer provided by Jerry Diamond and edited some for brevity]


    The Green Island of Survival...
    May Possibly, at least for a time, once again, be a Literal Island

    Note that back when I was first being shown from many sources that this circular actually, SPHERICAL (it includes Negative Electrical protection via grounding, deep into aquifers, springs, wind patterns, electrical Aetheric (Tesla) energy,) AREA of about 100 mile radius around Springfield would be the safest area to live, that was all I knew...it was before I had the foggiest clue of anything at all about the Ozarks, plateau, Springs, Aquifers, Lakes, Rivers, Terrain, People...etc and yet article after article, and source after source, delineates that exact same size and shape of area...


    Although referred to as the Ozark Mountains, the region is actually a high and deeply dissected plateau.

    Geologically, the area is a broad dome around the Saint Francois Mountains.

    The Ozark Highlands area, covering nearly 47,000 square miles, is by far the most extensive mountainous region between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains.

    Together, the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains form an area known as the U.S. Interior Highlands, and are sometimes referred to collectively.



    Introduction: the Ozark Plateaus are part of what is called The U.S. Interior Highlands:

    "The U.S. Interior Highlands is a mountainous region spanning eastern Oklahoma, western and northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, and the extreme southeast corner of Kansas. The name is designated by the United States Geological Survey to refer to the combined mountainous region of the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains, which form a distinct physiographic division.[1] It is the only major highland region between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States.[2][3]

       The Ozarks (also referred to as Ozarks Mountain Country, the Ozark Mountains, and the Ozark Plateau) are a physiographic and geologic highland region of the central United States. It covers much of the southern half of Missouri and an extensive portion of northwestern and north central Arkansas. The region also extends westward into northeastern Oklahoma and extreme southeastern Kansas. 


       Geologically, the area is a broad dome around the Saint Francois Mountains. The Ozark Highlands area, covering nearly 47,000 square miles (122,000 km2), is by far the most extensive mountainous region between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains. Together, the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains form an area known as the U.S. Interior Highlands, and are sometimes referred to collectively. For example, the ecoregion called Ozark Mountain Forests includes the Ouachita Mountains, although the Arkansas River valley and the Ouachitas, both south of the Boston Mountains, are not usually considered part of the Ozarks.

       The Ozark Highlands region comprises the southern half of Missouri, northern third of Arkansas, and a small fraction of northeastern Oklahoma, and southeaster Kansas, which geographers generally delimit by rivers: the Missouri on the north, the Mississippi on the east, the Grand on the southwest.  Geographic characteristics that distinguish the Ozarks as a region include the general ruggedness and vertical topography, and the relative age of surface rocks being older than those in adjoining areas.



    This here tale begins in the summer of that year... whatever year it was... The year don't matter....

    The national situation don't even matter, because even though we were smack dab in the middle of what we’ve been told was the Depression, folks in the Ozarks was so poor to begin with that they scarcely noticed.

    No, that's not right, because poverty’s so relative.  A better way to put it is that folks in the Ozarks still had everything they needed to subsist and endure, and they didn't want for nothing. So they didn’t even know that people elsewhere all over the country was suffering from want."

    —Donald Harington’s “Vance Randolph” character in Butterfly Weed1

    After supper Uncle Greene . . . began speaking of the Ozarks. ‘Used to be a real happy land for us outlaws,’ he recalled. ‘But for us reformed sons of bitches no country ain’t no great sight better than no other country . . . But I still say . . . that whichever the country, hit’s the backhills that stay interestin’ and closest to everlastin’ . . .’ 

    —Charles Morrow Wilson in The Bodacious Ozarks2

    The other factor, of utmost importance, is the population base of similar mind set people with similar values. The people that settled these ancient mountains were from races of people known throughout all of mans history as having the mindset of liberty and the resources, and the wherewithal, read courage, to confront and resist, the one world order, Imperial Roman Mindset.

    THAT point, is where the typical survivalist is DEAD wrong. The great survivalist leader who lives in Wyoming,  brags about the fact that there are only FIVE PEOPLE PER SQUARE MILE (PPSM) AROUND HIM!!! Similar is the big push to move to Montana. These men show maps of satellite pics at night, and say: go where there are no lights. My son said, hey dad, they could go to North Korea using that logic. So you see the Problem here??? The problem is that these people see other people, in essence, their neighbors as the enemy. They will pay in blood, unfortunately, not all their own, for basing their entire approach to survival, on nothing based on history, nothing based on geography, nothing based on military strategy or tactics, nothing based on common sense, and possibly most telling, nothing based on counsel from any sacred writings.



    While the region has advanced technologically, the Ozarks remain a haven for agrobiodiverse farmers and gardeners. (SURVIVAL AGRICULTURE)

    Five years of applied agricultural anthropology research in different locales of the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks reveals three clearly interconnected characteristics integral to traditional subsistence in the region: agroecological knowledge, diversity, and frugality.  These values allowed Ozarkers of historical times to survive, and they permit contemporary hill dwellers an alternative to the industrial food system.



    For anyone who reads a modicum of history, both parts of this question are rhetorical. Why highlands, and why the interior?

    As to Highlands: "Montani Semper Liberi" is the state motto of W Virginia:

    Jesus said to flee to the mountains when you see these things begin to come on the earth. Should we need a better reference than that? Do we always need to understand everything, or do we need to just obey?


    Highlands; Mountainous Terrain gives you great advantages.



        How many times have you read, and even quoted the true saying: CONTROL THE FOOD, CONTROL THE PEOPLE.

    Well, figure that into your plans, please!!! A dairy farmer was trying to reason with his neighbor who was raising a stink about the smell.

    "Why can't you just buy your milk at the store like everyone else?" the woman said. It utterly amazes me how many preppers and survivalists really do not take food, or water into consideration at all. Hey, food does not come from the grocery store, folks. And water does not come from a faucet.

    When the trucks stop rolling, and power goes off, you will have neither. Live where you can provide both for your


       The Ozarks sit on aquifer systems, almost exactly the same size and shape as the Plateau itself. The geology of the region is such that 2.5 Billion Gallons of water surge from the earth daily. Do you seriously think that is an accident? A coincidence of fate? I think not. When the breadbasket of this nation turns into a gigantic dust bowl / desert as the Ogallala Aquifer keeps going dry, water, and the ability to provide food for consumption and trade will become a new measure of wealth. I see Providence at work from before the foundations of the earth being laid.

    [Much of this research was provided by Jerry Diamond and edited some for brevity]


    Divinely protected safe areas in Ozark Mountains



    For years scientists and government officials have told us the earth is warming, and the mainstream media has fallen in line, castigating and even laughing at anyone who suggests otherwise.

    But there's a growing body of thought that the general wisdom is not only wrong, but embarrassingly so – and that the earth is getting colder.

    In fact, one prominent scientist says Earth is on the front edge of a 30-year cold trend that could have a major impact on our food supply and survival, making summers cooler and winters almost unbearable.

    His name is John L. Casey.  His new book, "Dark Winter: How The Sun Is Causing A 30-Year Cold Spell,” flips everything you've heard about global warming on its head.

    A former NASA consultant and White House advisor, Casey tells us:

    • How 30 years of colder weather could devastate America's crops.

    • Why weather patterns from 200 years ago can help predict weather for the coming decades.

    • Whether he believes we're on the verge of a small ice age.

    • How the 1645 freezing of the London Thames River could give us hints of what is to come.

    • Why severe earthquakes and volcanoes could follow the cold trend.

    This is just one more good reason to move to the Ozarks where the winters and summers are mild and the growing season is long.  I have sensed in my spirit that there were more reasons than the ones discussed on this page why God moved me here in 1985, and this could be one of them.



    Divinely protected safe areas in Ozark Mountains







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