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A listing of all articles and a book written  by Kenneth Uptegrove

 Christian Preppers

Several Articles on self sufficient living,  and intentional neighbors

 The Coming Financial Holocaust
Several articles on a coming economic depression. David Wilkerson, Larry Burkett

  Satan’s system is

  "The mother 
of all conspiracies"

that are orchestrating the coming economic depression

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The Apostolic Reformation Deception

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 Dominionist Movement

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 Our Feature Articles:

  The Acts Model for Christian Community & Preparing for 
the Coming Economic Depression





PAGE 1:  Why Prepare For These Prophetic End Times?

PAGE 2:  Spiritual Preparation For These Prophetic Times

PAGE 3:  Prospectus, Concepts & Proposals for Preparation

PAGE 4:  The Apostles Gave Us the Acts Model for Community

PAGE 5:  The History and Testimony of ArkHaven & Ken

PAGE 6:  Ozark Mountains the Safest Place to Prepare/live


Jesus is Coming Again!
  That Fact is an Inviolable Absolute, an Immutable Certainty.


All Premillennialists* know that we're on the cusp of the Tribulation, that prophetic time that immediately precedes the 70 weeks of Daniel!  And you know that after the Tribulation comes the millennium ... and then eternity.  That is the truth.  Men can deny, reject, or ignore that truth; but they cannot change it. Who would want to? Now lets look at some other incontrovertible truths that our lives may depend on.

"The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."   ~Winston Churchill


“...In the last days difficult times will come.”    ~ 2 Timothy 3:1


"When the righteous triumph, there is great glory.  But when the wicked rise, men hide themselves."                        ~Proverbs 28:12



Today I See Our Beloved United States of America
 As Lost and Irredeemable

It is our responsibility as good citizens to vote responsibly, and as good Christians to pray for our elected officials and our nation.  So let's do that faithfully.  We are grateful that Trump is now our president, and we are confident that God blessed us with a King Cyrus who will give us a 4 to 8 year reprieve.  However, I would caution that we are now about to see both the best and worst of times. 

As students of Bible prophecy we also need to wake up to the fact we are living in the prophetic end-times when the Antichrist system is manifesting itself as the enemy of all we stand for.  Scripture makes it clear that Satan does dominate the world for a short time before Jesus comes again and destroys His enemies.

Neither restoring the constitution, stopping abortions and gay rights and gun confiscation, paying off the 17 trillion dollar national debit, nor revolution can change that.  If you are a premillennialist you know this to be true.  Face it, we are on the cusp of the Tribulation.  There is not enough time left for any other option than to prepare physically, mentally, and especially spiritually for the clear alternative we do have.

For spirit filled Christians that alternative is to prepare for the coming Kingdom of God.  Let's prepare for what God has promised us in His infallible Word.  That has always been our mandate since Adam anyhow. 

Let us now look at how God would have us to rebuke and counter Satan's agenda against us in these last days.  As you read these four web pages may the Holy Spirit confirm in your heart what He would have you do!


The Story Behind ArkHaven's Name

The Lord impressed me to call northwest Arkansas a "Green islands of survival."  I believe there are other such green islands, but the Lord sent me to this specific one.  There have been many prophecies and visions (as well as secular and scientific testimonies) that show this is indeed a green island of survival.  Such notables as Corry ten Boom had dramatic open visions while here that told them this is a divinely protected place.


Articles by Guest Authors for Christian Preppers

The Coming Depression and End-Time Preparation


Jeanette Reed    

David Wilkerson

Corrie ten Boom

Swarna Jha         

Larry Burkett      

David Ravenhill


 Products You Will Need For Self Sufficient Living

A catalog for people who are, or want to be, self sufficient. See items for sale that you may not have considered for living off the grid, plus a whole lot of items you were perhaps looking to buy or learn more about.  Books, Tools, Seeds, Etc.


Hear Ken Uptegrove on Radio Talk Show  and short video clip Archive talk about Christian Community and End-Time Preparation

Go here to listen to this recording of Kenneth Uptegrove being interviewed  

I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken.  ~Jeremiah 3:17


Articles On:

  Eschatology (The Study of End Time Events)



C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce make up Global Harvest Ministries which regrettably has worldwide connections and influence among many leaders.


Dominionism: Trojan Horse In The Charismatic Movement



Dangerous Eschatology Teachings
You Need To Know About

The subject is Eschatology: the study of end-time events

What Is The eschatology Behind This 
New Move of God?
(In Lakeland)


Article Listing - Site Map
Book Index: Dawning: The Next Great Move of God
And All Articles by Kenneth Uptegrove



from above invitation to join the ...

Subscribe to Our
Acts Model Community

You are invited to join a new forum called the Acts Model Community, put up by ArkHaven Ministries.

We see the need to prepare our families (physically, mentally, and spiritually) for the hard times we see rushing in on America and the world … very soon.

Worse yet, we feel alone and misunderstood. The church, our family and friends, and indeed the whole world, seems to be asleep and oblivious.

We are looking for like minded Christians who are being led of the Lord as we are (being like minded), so we can encourage and assist each other.  We encourage those of other mind sets to form their own forums and stay out of this one.

To minimize disagreements and maximize the potential of helping form communities (including our own), we will continue to be like the Bereans, and study the scripture daily. Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.

We believe in the whole counsel of God, that the Word of God reveals Christ Jesus and His character and nature. We find it hard to improve upon Chuck Missler's description: "The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it’s not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail"!

We do not identify with, nor accept the aberrant doctrines of Dominionism, the Emergent Church, New Age philosophy, Hyper-Charismatic, Preterism, or Replacement Theology. Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

See footnotes for a definition of these doctrines.

(We are basically conservative Pentecostal, however have no definite denomination that we adhere to).

The ultimate and future goal of ArkHaven (and perhaps you) is to form a totally self sufficient, “Acts model, Christian community of intentional neighbors” who live off the grid and farm the natural and organic way so we can provide food for ourselves and for the poor and needy.  We call this "getting off the grid before the grid goes off." 

We see that Christianity without community is not Christianity as the Apostles taught. It is no coincidence that the Acts model lifestyle we see in the first century church is also the best preparation a Christian can make to sustain life and continue in ministry even in the hardest of times as well as in the best of times.  By "Acts model" I am referring to the entire book of Acts. A Christian does not have to practice this concept of Christian community to be saved or to continue in ministry, but we argue that it is a good gift from God to us. Jesus taught this brotherhood concept of giving to His Apostles, and they continued in these teachings. (Most scholars agree that he common purse concept seen in Acts 2 is not a doctrine.)

We hope you are one of those we would love to have join us.


Ken Uptegrove

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preepper properties in the Ozarks in Arkansas

  Is God Calling You to Move
to the Ozark Mountains?


Land Owners in the Ozark Plateau have asked me to advertise their properties
 that are so ideal for Homesteading, and for Preppers.

Let us advertise your property


Real Estate in north west Arkansas Ozarks


Old Stone School House Modernized. Isolated Missouri Ozark Farm!  Only $87,000.  Renovated into a two bedroom two bath home with central heat and air with hardy wood fired furnace for hot water and heat with backup propane furnace.  Mimosa tree in back yard.    [CLICK HERE]

 80 Acre Farm near Gainsville, Mo for only $175,000. Very secluded!  The buildings are a quarter mile from the county road and is out of view the year around.   [CLICK HERE]

This 160 acre Retreat in the Ozark Mountains close to Mountain Home and to Bulls Shore Lake.  See the pictures and read the description of these pictures of the buildings and the RV pads with full hook-up.  See the pictures of wild turkeys and of deer in the back yard.  This retreat has been hired out to ministries and Christian vacationers for several years.  [CLICK HERE]

This 575 acre Ranch in the Ozark mountains has it all – two lakes, three year around springs, 12 ponds, excellent well, meadows, forest, ideal location, two large houses in excellent repair, large metal barn and other out buildings, huge propane powered 100 KW generator, large propane tanks, isolated, incredible views, much more.  The closest town (unincorporated, 500 population) to the ranch is Kingston AR.  [CLICK HERE]

Elegant Estate  in  Scenic Ozarks Bordered by Large Creeks on Three sides.  This is a 4,950 sq. ft. house with 5 BR, 4 1/2 baths, built in 2010.  Three car garage.  Confluence of the two creeks at one corner, which flow into the near by White river.  Fishing, boating, swimming in scenic creeks on your property.  Adjacent to a National Forest with riding trails into forest.  [CLICK HERE]

5 acre lots along 1.5 miles of river frontage on the White river in the Ozarks of Arkansas.  Buy as many lots in this 500 acres as you wish.  A 20 acre park on the river will be available to everyone living somewhere in the 500 acres.  [CLICK HERE]

Fisherman Cabin on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma.  This cabin is on the shores of Oklahoma's largest lake with a surface area of 105,000 acres.  This Berksen Bldg. cabin cost $7,500 new and is in good repair.  There is a well and pump by the cabin.  Public bath facilities next door at a fishing camp.  The cabin sits on 5 lots (30 x 70 ft) that are fenced.  The cabin is just off Lotawata Road.  Price:  $17,000.  Call Vick Myers at 352-258-9777 for information and a showing. [CLICK HERE]

Numerous properties --LARGE AND SMALL-- that have no buildings or utilities.  They are relatively remote and secluded, and have a beautiful, scenic view.  Wild game is prevalent.  [CLICK HERE]

Hear Bro. Ken being interviewed on "The latest breaking news on Bible Prophecy, End-Time Radio, or End of Days Radio, on the Messiah's Branch Prophetic Hour"

CLICK HERE to hear all our archived shows



  The Coming Economic Depression and the Socialistic Politics 
that will Accompany the Depression


Satan's System Is
The Mother Of All Conspiracies

Many prominent economists and theologians tell us a depression is coming to America. Is a conspiracy behind this coming depression?  Satan’s system is the mother of all conspiracies, and he is using them to establish his anti-Christ system, wittingly or unwittingly.



--Socialism And The Antichrist--
Antichrist Introduced Socialism 
In The Garden of Eden

Liberals are Socialists, and Socialists are Secular Humanists, and Secular Humanism is an antichrist system. Socialists are always for big government and higher taxes, and they are pro abortion, and pro euthanasia.  Look at the majority of the European nations.


But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.
---2 Timothy 3:1  


Overview of All Areas of the ArkHaven Ministry

In this video Ken introduces the three subject he covers on his website. 1: His book: Dawning: The Next Great Move of God. 2) The different schools of Eschatology (the study of end-time events) and how to protect yourself from error. 3) self sufficient, intentional community, intentional neighbor, Christian community in preparation for the hard times (depression?) anticipated by many prophetic Christians and economists.

Click on this link if video won't play on your screen


Did all the Spiritual gifts cease when the last apostle died?

The subject is Cessationism, a term that says all the spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 ceased when the 12 apostles died. Ken shows that the same proof text the cessationists use is also the proof text to disprove their assumption. He is teaching from chapters 8, 9, 10 from his book.  See these chapters here

Click on this link if video won't play on your screen



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