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Lots in town and country, secluded hideaways,
great properties for a hunting & fishing retreat,
beautiful views, large and small acreages.

Real Estate in Madison & Carroll & Newton Counties for sale

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Holiman Ranch For Sale

Secluded 575 acre ranch ideal for
Preppers & Homesteaders
& Bugout locations

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Acts 18:2-4 work we do
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[Acts 18:2-4 work we do to support our ministry]

Beaver Lake in Arkansas Ozarks Driving through beautiful fall colors in North West Arkansas Ozarks

Beaver Lake Facts

  • 487 miles of shoreline

  • Dam completed in 1966

  • 28,370 acre lake

  • Max. length: 50 mi (80 km)

  • Striper and hybrid combined daily limit is three

  • Lake created for flood control and power generation



Ozark Mountain Views

The southern end of the Ozarks
 is called the Boston Mountains

Life definitely moves slower here, so if you can see yourself slowing down enough to sit on a creek bank with your feet in the water, chances are good you are seeing yourself in the Ozarks.



What is great about
Northwest Arkansas?

There are so many different kinds of people, all of whom find their own reasons to love it here. You’ll love the curvy roads with breathtaking views around each corner. The limestone rock formations are so unique; they seem like towering old giants. The Ozarks are the oldest mountain range on the North American continent, and as such they appear "soft". They are worn down with time; many down to the bedrock. Clear water gurgles out of cracks in the stone, creating mossy waterfalls in spring and long icicles in winter.


Local Information

North West Arkansas has it all!  The national HQ for Wall Mart, Tyson Foods, J. B. Hunt Trucking, along with XNA National Airport and the University of Arkansas, Beaver lake, are all within easy reach while living in the scenic, tranquil hills.  Resort towns, such as Branson and Eureka Springs, are also just a half hour to an hour away. This is the most prosperous area in all of Arkansas.  Veterans will be pleased to hear that there is a VA hospital in Fayetteville.

We proudly boast four distinct seasons, all about equal in duration. Spring could be considered the most beautiful of all: the dogwoods and redbuds can be counted on to take you by surprise. You might not truly know how the term "spring green" originated until you spend time here in March and April. You’ll even catch glimpses of the new crop of fawns, or be treated to a wild turkey mating display. Summer is nice and hot, so you’ll be constantly tempted to leap into one of the many bodies of water nearby. The consistently cold White River is world-renowned for its rainbow- and brown-trout fishing, while the smaller Kings River is perfect for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping and swimming. The clean, deep Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake are great for all types of water recreation, especially water-skiing.

If the fall season is more your cup of tea, our colors will take your breath away! Scarlet maples vie with the orange oaks and neon yellow elms for your eyes’ delight. Camping is a popular fall activity, although here in the Ozarks you can camp comfortably almost year ‘round. Ozark winters are typically mild; with days and nights cool enough for snuggling in front of a cozy fire, but rarely bitterly cold. The occasional snow is greatly anticipated, but doesn’t usually stick around long enough to wear out its welcome. Bald eagles choose to winter here, gracing our waterways with their majestic presence. All in all, the seasons strike a great balance.

As for the people, you shouldn’t find it hard to make friends around here. You’ll find hard-working farm families and good old country folks, people who have lived off this land for several generations.  You can truly have the best of both worlds: unspoiled natural beauty in close proximity along with being a great job and education opportunity area.  So whether you want to live in a small town, or on a secluded hunting retreat in the woods with a beautiful view, or raise cattle and mow hay, you need to come and see what is being offered here. Imagine deer grazing in your yard, or hunting bear, or turkey, or fishing.

Most of this land is owned by one man who is offering excellent prices and self financing. 




575 acre Holiman ranch for sale,
 Secluded in the Ozark Mountains


The Holiman Ranch has it alltwo lakes, three year around springs, 12 ponds, excellent well, meadows, forest, ideal location, two large houses in excellent repair, large metal barn and other out buildings, huge propane powered 100 KW generator, large propane tanks, isolated, incredible views, much more.  The closest town (unincorporated, 500 population) to the ranch is Kingston AR.

Located on a private mountain top in the beautiful Ozark region of NW Arkansas, the Holiman Ranch is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Built on 575 acres of pristine real estate and overlooking a stunning , picturesque valley, the Holiman ranch offers spacious accommodations in two beautiful homes, in a private mountain top setting. 

The ranch is deal for uses that include:

  • Self sufficient living -- the perfect bug-out location. Springs, lakes, ponds, trees, meadows, generator, barns, homes.

  • It is pristine, isolated and remote without being too isolated. 

  • Wild game and gun range.

  • Private Vacation home, Retreat spa, Hunting club for corporations and large organizations, Spiritual retreat, cattle and horse ranch, Aviation air club and many other activities in open spaces and rustic surroundings.





Owner will consider trading (up or down) for investment property, or jewelry, etc.

Real Estate in Madison & Carol Counties for sale



CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A TOUR.  Check to see if we have new properties that are not listed yet. 

  • You can call the owner at  870-715-9823 for more information. 

  • Or call the office at 479-502-1789

  • Or email us



Right click on the pictures and select "view Image" to see a full screen blow-up


owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas


Stone house on 5 acres out of Green Forest on hwy 62. Four bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,800 sq ft. Is undergoing remodeling and won't be available for 45 days (the middle of March). Has a garage apartment that rents for $300 and a nice spring. See the picture of stone house setting in trees and snow. $135,000


owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas


80 acres.  The large spring fed pond is a real plus because the spring flows year around. No ravines or cliffs, fenced.  Trees and meadows. Remote and very scenic.  On unpaved county road. Off hwy 412 near Osage, AR in Carroll county.  $2,200 acre


owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas


50 acres, has pasture land and a pond, mostly fenced, no house on the property. Near Bobo, AR in Carroll county.

owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas


A fascinating mountain top home on 17 acres with a  panoramic view, close to Green Forest, Arkansas!  Can buy with 17 or 100 acres.  House is paid for.  Outside walls are natural stone and a very special concrete siding.  No sheet rock/dry wall in the house.  All walls are wood.


$1,500,00.00.   Owner will consider trading (up or down) for investment property in south Florida or a ranch.  Also interested in a 1031 exchange. Will consider anything of value, such as gold, ranch, rentals, real estate of any kind, antique autos, etc.


                   This one-of-a-kind house is best described as a work of art. 

Right click on picture and select view immage to see a full screen sized blowupThe house if filled with a huge amount of crafted woodwork that was custom cut and hand hewn from trees on his property on both stories.  Using Cherry, oak, walnut, cedar, redwood on the tables, walls, cabinets, beams, stair railing, etc.


This is a 3 bed, 3 bath, and office with a view.  Master bed room on second floor is 1,200 sq ft.  First floor is 2,800 sq ft.


CLICK HERE to see more pictures.


Garage and wash room is 30 x 30 ft.  Canopy between house and garage is also 30 x 30 ft.  Way oversized steel beams over the canopy and garage.  Garage doors on both sides of garage.




       Both the coffee table and its pedestal are from one cut of wood.  Shelving is Cedar.



owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


House off hwy 62 East of Green Forest a short ways.  3 bed, 3 bath, new tile, 1800 sq ft, car port, one acre, $135,000.  There is a great scenic view from there.  Ask for pictures.


owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains



@ 6% to 8% with proven track record.

Located in Green Forest, AR.  3 bed, 2 bath, 1,270 sq ft.  Ask for details.

Call 870-715-9823 to talk to owner.

owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


Three warehouses on 3 acres in Berryville, AR.  Two of the warehouses are 45 x 100 ft, and one is 45 x 66 ft.  One of the 45 x 100 ft warehouses is presently leased out for $1,800 per month.  Cost: $450,000 but would like to make a trade for anything of value, such as a 1031 or condos or jewelry.


 owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


5 Acre lots on Kings river frontage close to Kingston, AR

As seen from Hwy 74.  Kings River is at tree line.

The white ribbons mark off the 5 acre lots. 

A year around pond in the river bed at the end of one of these lots.

The river is really a creek that barely flows in the dry season but flows heavily in the spring.


     owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


TALK ABOUT SOMETHING SPECIAL!  Go visit this spring that is said to produces one million gallons of water a day by the locals!  You have to see the 100 years old, 3 story barn there.  All this sits on 25 acres on Hwy 62 in the Green Forest, AR area.  The barn is built the old fashion post and beam construction style.  It is in excellent shape and could be remodeled to make a lovely home.  $425,000

Ask for the 15 pictures of the barn to be attached in an email to you.




owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


Nine 1/4 acre lots in Green Forest, AR in nice neighborhood.  Nice homes all around.  A Tyson Foods plant is close by, so a developer could build houses that would quickly be rented by Tyson employees.  $10,000 ea, $500 down, $100 mo, no interest.



owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


Three 6 acre lots (one of them has a pond) and one 8 acre lot, located out of Berryville, AR (population 5,000, in Carroll county) about a mile into the countryside.  City water.  6 acre lots $25,000.  8 acre lot $35,00

owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


14 acres with  a creek on 3 sides, on Hwy 62 roadside, east of Green Forest, AR.  $85,000


owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


7 acres in Berryville, AR.   Zoned for 19 units per acre.  $50,000 per acre.


Ideal for developers


These 7 acres are across the street from the yellow Condo above.



owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


14.5 Acres with old, uninhabitable farm house, barn, spring box water, city water to house but not in house, root cellar. On the outskirts of Kingston, population 500. 

Price now dropped to $60,000 cash (No private financing for this property) 

  • Of the 14.5 acres, 2 acres are in fenced pasture land, and 12.5 are wooded.  All the land is gently sloped, no ravines.

  • $4,000 was spent on making a new road entrance to a proposed building site on this property.

owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


One bedroom cabin in poor condition on 2.5 acre. Has a year around creek with 350 ft of frontage, in Metalton, AR, on a county highway .  $67,777 when renovation completed.  Buy it today for $47,777 as is.



Creek Views

owner financed secluded retreats, lots on Kings river,  real estate in Arkansas Ozark Mountains


275 ACRES, $1,700 PER ACRE --SOLD--


290 ACRES, close to Green Forest.  Secluded, meadows, forest, game, pond, scenic.


1/4 acre lots $10,000, or $500 down and $100 a month.  No qualifying.  In Green Forest. 


40 ACRES $145,000







More properties and pictures will be posted later. 


Meanwhile call for more information

  • You can call the owner (Ken Butler) at  870-715-9823 for more information. 

  • Or call our office at 479-502-1789 and if no one answers the phone, leave a message.

  • Or email me





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